Automotive Solutions

Over the years the Factory Automation Unit has partnered with the automotive industry to provide high quality solutions in critical areas including Powertrain Assembly, ASRS systems for Engines, Feeder Lines for handling, Seat’s, Cockpits, Headlamps, Tyres etc., Material Handling Solution for Body Shop, Kitting Lines for TCF, AGV’s, Fail safe Assembly systems, and Sub-system Assembly automation etc.


Powertrain Assembly

Avasarala designs, manufactures and supplies turn-key powertrain assembly systems including fixtures and gauging for the Indian automotive manufacturers.

The modular product range comprises all components for the manual, semiautomatic and fully automated assembly of engines, transmissions, axles and of the sub-assemblies like cylinder head, steering and gear sets.

Our passion for innovation helps us to develop new assembly concepts for the automobile industry.


Feeder Lines

The Solution is a free flow conveyor handling Automobile Components on pallets. The Components are received by these conveyors from the truck or trolleys. The pallet with component is transferred from receiving area to assembly area without operator intervention. The system consists of different automation units like Pneumatic Stoppers, Turn Tables, Cross Transfer Units, Cage Lifters, Pick & Place Unit, Pallet Stacker Unit etc. The Empty pallets are transferred back to truck or trolleys without operator intervention.

Avasarala has also provided Engine Transfer Lines using 40’ / 20’ feet logistic containers.


  • Seat.
  • Cockpit / Instrument panel.
  • Headlamp .
  • Tyre.
  • Fuel Tank Lifter.
  • Engine Transfer Lines – 40’ & 20’ containers.

Fail Safe Assembly Systems

Fail safe conveyor assembly line is designed and built to achieve maximum perfection by using Sensors, Defect Detection Sensors, Part Pick Sensors, Vision Systems, Jigs and Fixtures.

The solution includes a “Data Acquisition System” that measures productivity, monitors cycle time and also tracks defects of components, during the assembly process.


Sub-system Assembly automations

Sub-system Assembly components are fed through feeder lines. The components are moved on the feeder lines using, Free flow conveyor, Roller conveyor, Belt conveyor etc.